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GritGrace-41The mission:  Grit + Grace is a curated community for women seeking to further cultivate change to achieve their personal and professional goals. Coaching, counseling, and consultation services are available to navigate your process and support your progress. You can learn more about these services by clicking here.
The vision: To “see that no one misses grace” (Hebrews 12:15) by creating a community  for women who are figuring out life and need to know that not having it all figured out or all together is okay.  You aren’t alone, and there are some baby steps you can take to keep progressing in the journey of who you were called and created to be.
The hope: That as you join the Grit + Grace community you will find yourself embraced, encouraged, and emboldened in your life’s journey. That each coaching, counseling, or consultation session, new book or article listed as a resource,  blog post, new project that you can participate in, or invitation to gather online or in person  at a workshop will remind you of how worthy, capable,  and how called you are, despite your your past or current situation. That you will return to sender the lie that it’s too late or you’re too far gone, but instead live in the truth that by grace you’ve got the grit that it takes to be who you were purposed to be.

The Bio: Ahyana King, MS has  spent the past thirteen years partnering with people on their journey to wellness. She  has  worked with non profit community based organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Area as well as both a counselor and administrator in higher education on both the west and east coasts of the United States. Ahyana has provided counseling,training, designed programs, taught courses, and facilitated workshops on the topics of social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, mental health, and sexual assault and abuse. Ahyana has a rich history of serving individuals from diverse backgrounds with a multitude of experiences, particularly people from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Ahyana is a West Philadelphia (PA) native, with a BA in Human Development and Family Science as well as an MS in Mental Health Counseling. Her heart for people, and partnering with them as they navigate their purpose, especially women remains. In her spare time she enjoys being with the people she loves, traveling, exploring, cooking (and eating), hosting  dinner gatherings, basketball, live music in small venues, and maintains a a very corny sense of humor.